Arie Foort
Amersfoorts best friend!
Meet Arie Foort. A huggable lizard pluche toy from Amersfoort. Design by Pixelkaiju and a brainchild between me and Brayn. Arie Foort is meant as a friendly recognizable face for the city Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
Apart from a mediafunction (promoting several events and accommodations in Amersfoort) he serves a good will project for the organization 1WE. 
Arie Foort has garnered a loyal fanbase. Follow him on twitter and take pictures with the retail version of Arie. He is also the mascotte of the city park and has made cameos in the videomessages the Mayor of Amersfoort posts. He also appeared in several local newspapers.
Meet Arie Foort.
Arie Foort Concept art.
Turn Around view. Yeah, in early stages we wanted him to have hair n__n.
First Toy prototypes.
First retail version. Alle puppets are handmade!
Ready for transportation.
Get your own! Available in Amersfoort. 
Label. Roughly says: A collab between amazing Brayn and Pixelkaiju. 
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